Training Lifeskills

I offer one to one training for any behaviours that you would like to stop. This can include:

  • pulling on the lead

  • jumping up

  • not able to relax in the home

  • not coming back when off lead

  • running away with items he/she shouldn’t have

You could just need some help settling in a rescue dog or have an adolescent dog that has ‘stopped listening to you’!

I help you understand why your dog is doing what they are doing and then train you both so we reduce the behaviours you don’t want, and teach new things. In many instances, you might be struggling with a number of behaviours - they are often linked so working on 1 will improve the others! And I will ensure you enjoy it!

Please get in touch so we can get started right away!

Ainsley Miller DipCABT (COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist, RQF- Level 6)

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer