With Ainsley of Dog Logic at the helm it was  like a 'walk in the park' re educating our 9 month old Golden Retriever 'Phoebe' to respond positively to being called and to stop her defensive snarling.  From the moment Phoebe met Ainsley things changed, and they changed fast. It was quite extraordinary. With Ainsley's in depth understanding of dog psychology and her wide range of experience training dogs, she was quickly able to teach Phoebe to respond to our commands and to explain to us that by giving praise where it was not due was sending Phoebe confusing mixed messages.  

By teaching us how to use a training line and how to reward good behaviour we became relaxed confident owners and in turn Phoebe responded to this.  With the snarling Ainsley showed us how to gain Phoebe's trust to give up a highly valued item by breaking the training down into stages, so that after a few weeks Phoebe didn't feel the need to be defensive and we didn't feel the need to be concerned. 

Phoebe is so content and a real joy to be with. We are relaxed when taking her out for walks off lead and thrilled that snarling is now a thing of the past. Well done Phoebe and thank you Ainsley. It has been a really interesting and fun experience for all!  

Claire, Mac & Pheobe