From Louise & Graham:  

This is our little Rosie.  We had a "little" problem in that she like to go hunting along the hedgerows and in amongst the crop stalks - Rape, maize, corn - to the point that her recall was appalling.  Then the worst nightmare happened and she got onto a busy A-road and palyed "chicken" with vehicles for about half and hour.  Thankfully, no one got injured.

So we asked Ainsley Miller to come and help us. We had 4 or 5 sessions, starting with really basic but fun recall games to play indoors and quickly moving to more concentration demanding ones outside. 
Ainsley was fabulous at working out what really stimulated Rosie - noises and smells and hide and seek games!
As you can see - she's now an avid rugby fan, and can manage a tennis ball at the same time! Oh, and she loves swimming!
We've now got a really fun member of our family and fully engaged teenage boys who enjoy playing "piggy in the middle" or hide and seek with the family pet.

Rodney, owners Chris and Zoe

Rodney the Beagle.jpeg

We just wanted to say how grateful we are with your help and guidance in recall training and walking nicely on the lead with our puppy Rodney.
Rodney has always been a very brave and stubborn boy and his selective hearing made recall a challenge.  When we first got him we started off full of confidence and would let him off the lead, however after several breaks for freedom with us chasing him through fields and down roads we lost that confidence and stopped letting him off the lead.
He wasn't too bad when walking on the lead but would often get distracted and would pull a lot when he would see another dog/cyclist/runner. We found it hard to get his attention and carry on with the walk until the distraction was gone.
All of this made walks less enjoyable for us and for Rodney so we called you for help.
Since working with you, Rodney is so much more obedient on the lead, and by using a long line his recall has really improved.
You have taught us to understand Rodney's behaviour and identify the right moment to make a command so that he will listen and obey.
We feel so much more confident, and will continue with what we have learnt and hope that we will soon be able to let Rodney off the lead (big step for a Beagle!). We know that we can call on you at any time and you will be there to advise us and support us if needed. We cannot thank you enough!

Mylo 2.png

After working with Lin and Mylo for 4 sessions I received this update from them:

We had a really good day today, he was off the lead completely and responded to my call. We were on the woods near Swyncombe.  Yesterday at cow common he came back to me after playing with another dog!