Puppy Training

For puppies, life is all about exploring and discovering new things.

There are important life skills and polite behaviours to learn – sit, down, leave, no biting, and calling them back. I’ll help you navigate the challenges of house training, food and treats, and getting your puppy used to walking on a lead. I also tailor the training to your circumstances, as there may be specific things that need to be covered – sharing a home with cats or toddlers, for example, or getting along with other dogs.

I encourage all new puppy owners to safely expose their puppy to as many different situations as they can, as soon as possible – traffic, children, sheep, horses etc. and reward them for calm behaviour. The most important thing to have at the forefront of your mind through puppy-hood is how you want your puppy act when they grow up. Most of us want a dog that we can take everywhere and anywhere with confidence that they won’t jump up at people, can walk calmly in busy places, have good recall, can meet other dogs politely. To achieve this, we need to ensure that you are the most important thing in your dog’s life; they need to be able to ignore people and dogs so not meeting all people and dogs is key in the early days! The opposite of what you might think!

With a little help to get started, it’ll be an enriching experience for puppy and owner alike.

My one-to-one training programme covers how to achieve all this, and so much more.   

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One-to-one puppy training programme takes advantage of that curiosity to teach your new arrival the basics.   I’ll come to you, so that the puppy is on home turf, and we’ll work from your home and in the local area. I start the week after you get them home so they have time to settle in.

Once they’ve found their feet (and vaccinations permitting), it’s time to start introducing them to new things.

If this sounds like the support you need, please contact me here.

Ainsley Miller DipCABT (COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist, RQF- Level 6)

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer