Puppy Preparation

I am passionate about ensuring that getting a puppy is the start of an exciting, rewarding and happy journey. For a first time puppy owner it can be overwhelming, exhausting and confusing. I help you navigate the first few days, weeks and months to ensure you can enjoy those early moments.

This includes helping you select the right breed for your lifestyle and finding the breeder.

I also help you set up your home for your new arrival, talk you through bringing your puppy home and give you the support for those early days to help you start as you mean to go on. This is tailored to you, your family and your lifestyle.

I have had 3 puppies in 6 years so have a great deal of personal experience to share with you.

Contact me to set you up for success.

Ainsley Miller DipCABT (COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist, RQF- Level 6)

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer