A treat is a reward for your dog for something they have done correctly for you.  Give them a treat right after they perform a desired action and you’ll be encouraging them to do that action again, to get another treat!

When teaching something new, we use lots of treats to help with the learning process.  Treats should be about the size of your little fingernail – otherwise we’ll end up with a dog that is wonderfully trained, but also overweight! 

Soft treats are the best ones to buy, as they can be easily broken into smaller pieces.

Here are some treats that I recommend, along with some notes on how small I tend to break them:

Pet munchies do a variety of treats, for training as well as a main treat.  My dogs love the sushi training treats (one treat is easily divided into two).  For an 'at home' treat, the chicken chips and the chicken & calcium bones are great favourites.

Misfits also do a variety of treats.  For training I use Scruffy bites - one treat breaks into six pieces.  

Natures Menu mini dog treats - these are semi-moist treats and come in a resealable bag.  They are These are great training treats.  I break one treat into at least four pieces!

Harrington's have a range of treats.  For training, their liver training treats are very popular with my dogs - one treat breaks into three pieces.  For an 'at home' treat the salmon rolls go down very well!

There are many other treats on the market - too many to list. What I look for in a treat (and in dog food) is that the meat in the product is described as meat or meal, and that it is a high percentage of the Analytical Constituents listed on the packaging. I tend to avoid treats with animal derivatives as there is no legal clarity about what part of an animal these derivatives come from. I err on the side of caution, particularly as I have a dog with allergies!

If you are interested in knowing more about the constituents of dog food in general, here is a good website which goes into a great amount of detail.