Puppy Training Tools

Please purchase the following in advance of our first training session.  I can provide a long line and a harness for you on the day if you prefer:

Puppy treats.  Get some different flavours so we can see what your puppy likes best.  This will help with motivation and training.  If the options are bewildering, liver and cheese are good flavours to try first.

Puppy kong and Kong paste.  Your local pet shop should have these, otherwise you will be able to get them on line.

Some tug toys.  Get a couple of toys with multiple elements to them - something with a squeaker, stretchy bits and different textures.  Click here for more ideas.

Clix 10m long line.  We'll use this for recall training.  I can provide these, or you can purchase one at your pet shop or on line.

Harness.  This doesn't need to be an expensive one, but it does need to be quite adjustable. Again we will use it for recall training, and by the time your puppy has out-grown it you can decide if you want to use one long term or not.  I have some very adjustable ones that you can purchase from me if the choice is too much!