While out on a dog walk with our Border Collie pup Arty, we met another dog walker with a beautifully behaved young dog and were recommended Ainsley as a result. We wanted to work on calm behaviour, recall and walking on the lead. We were looking for professional help in improving Arty's behaviour in these three key areas, and reassurance that the behaviours we had taught were working correctly.
Within a few minutes of meeting us all Ainsley understood exactly what was going on with us and Arty. All of the advice and behaviour-shaping she gave was very personal to us, and she made sure that we were comfortable with anything new before leaving us to practice. The most influential part of the sessions for us was that Ainsley gave us an insight into how Arty's mind works. Not just the mind of a dog/Border Collie, but his own personality with all of his likes, dislikes and other responses. We were instantly much better equipped to understand why desirable and undesirable behaviours come about.
The 3 areas we were most interested in all improves dramatically over the course of 4-5 weeks. We still encounter new challenges and ask a lot of questions now of course, but we are more confident dog owners and our bond with Arty is much stronger.