In June 2014 we rehomed an English Springer Spaniel called Rosie, from Springer Spaniel Rescue, after we lost our last Welsh Springer Spaniel Jess, only three weeks earlier!

It did not take us long to realise that Rosie was a lovely friendly dog, towards humans, but she had a few behavioural issues with other dogs. We certainly did not think we could resolve these issues ourselves so, after looking around the internet locally for some expert guidance, we met up with Ainsley to help us work through these problems. Right from the off, she helped us understand Rosie's thinking and behaviour and started instructing us in some fundamental training to build the confidence and trust between us both. Gradually, using reward based training, we worked on improving Rosie's pulling on the lead, and more importantly, recall off the lead, and after a bit of time and effort, we were delighted that she started to respond in a very positive way.

Roise, English Springer

Rosie's behaviour with other dogs was still an issue and Ainsley helped us understand Rosie's distress signals and, by gentle work with another dog, helped us deal with her anxiety levels during these stressful moments and guide us through what to do and how to respond. We're not out of the woods yet, and still have some way to go, but we feel confident we know what we are aiming for and how to achieve it.

During our training sessions, Ainsley has shared so much information with us, we feel confident we can move forward knowing what we need to do in order that our time spent with Rosie is so much more enjoyable for her as well as for us! I would heartily recommend anyone seeking a suitably qualified dog trainer to give Ainsley a call.

Phil & Claire, Dorchester-on-Thames.