Barking/pulling on the lead

Sky (a Maltese x Shih tze ), owners Beverley and Pete

After returning from a lovely evening walk, I could not believe the changes that are now evident in my little mal-shi, Sky. Once a little terror when walking, constantly pulling and barking, (I think she had a case of 'little dog syndrome'). However, now she listens to me and walks beautifully by my side.
Having to walk 3 dogs at once, as you can imagine, is a little bit of a struggle! It was even worse when Sky was playing up. However, after the help of Ainsley, it is now a delight to walk all 3 of my dogs. The effort and training that Ainsley put in to helping us was incredible; we have previously had other trainers but none seemed to have any impact. The approach she used, was 1 on 1 sessions with Sky using a clicker. Sky quickly picked up that the sound meant food, so it was always exciting for her to see the clicker come out. This showed us that she enjoyed her training, which was obvious from the constant wagging tail! We slowly increased the amount of training, and the more we trained, the better she got. We had some hiccups to face, (such as the big red lorry down our walking route, which was one of Sky's favorite places to bark), but we progressed and now Sky is a pleasure to walk.

Ainsley not only helped with our problems with Sky, but her extensive knowledge and love of dogs helped with our other little problems. She helped us when our miniature dachshund,  Slinky, had slipped 2 discs either side of her spine. She provided us with a gate, to separate the other 2 dogs when we weren't in the room. She also, continually checked up on Slinky, to make sure she was making a full recovery. She also helped with our other dog, Boo,who had a problem losing weight. After going on a special diet for months with barely any change, Ainsley suggested we took her back to the vets as it could be a bladder issue. Boo went for a scan, to find out she had over 30 bladder stones! Now, Boo has lost weight and seems a much happier dog now she is relieved from her discomfort.

Ainsley is such a friendly lady, who is very patient and understanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering dog training.

Sky and Boo