Attention seeking behaviours

"We were put in contact with Ainsley, by a member of the family, when we were struggling with Reggie, our very over excited 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 
He was a very nippy dog and it was a battle to get people through the door every time someone would visit. 
When visitors did finally manage to get in, Reggie would do anything to gain their attention, from nipping, climbing on them, jumping etc. the list was endless!   
We really cannot praise Ainsley enough, she gave us some good advice, even before we had our first session with her, which seemed to help calm him down. 
After the first session we could see a change in him already and following a couple more, he was like a whole new dog! 
He still gets excited when people come to visit, but he is learning to control his excitement now and it's not such a worry to invite people to the house anymore. 
The tips and training Ainsley provided made it easy for us to continue with Reggie when we were on our own, and we now have a very happy puppy (with two very happy owners!)"