About Dog Logic

My name is Ainsley Miller, I am dog behaviourist and trainer.

After many years in hotels and events, I decided to combine my love for dogs with my interest in psychology. The result is Dog Logic, and I am delighted to say that I’ve been able to help all sorts of dogs and their owners to understand each other better and enjoy their life together.

I’m a fully qualified, certified dog behaviourist, having spent five years studying with COAPE gaining Ofqual regulated qualifications to Level 6 in the field of Companion Animal Behaviour, Pharmacology and Neuroscience.  I have also passed the assessment of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers with flying colours. I am, therefore, well qualified to provide dog behaviour and training services.

I specialise in 1:1 support and I work closely with several trainers in the area who run classes that are consistent with my approach - positive, reward-based training.

As you might expect, I have dogs of my own. I have shared my life with two Tibetan Terriers, Toggle and Treacle, who were litter mates and I currently have a Wheaten Terrier and 2 Spanish Water Dogs.

Wispa and her nose.jpg

Wispa is a six-year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier who has taught me patience, and that if I get it right then she can get it right too!  She has been a great teacher in that respect!

Opie & little Rafa.jpg

Opie is my oldest Spanish Water Dog – now three years old, and Rafa is my youngest at just over one.  Spanish Water dogs are an interesting breed in many ways, not for the average dog owner.  They have an amazing history of water retrieving, helping the fisherman bring in the nets, guard the fish, a bit of herding thrown in.  This has enabled me to understand a wide range of natural behaviours in dogs and how we can get the most out of them.

Rafa on a log.jpg

All my dogs work with me at some point depending on the work I am doing with a client and I am lucky that they enjoy it!

I love to keep learning and every year I make sure I keep up to date with new research, training techniques and push myself so I can deliver the best to you and your dogs.

Ainsley Miller DipCABT (COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist, RQF- Level 6)

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer